Mission Statement: To be a leading facilator in global trade providing topnotch quality, continuous innovation and superior client servicing without compromising on Mother Earth.
Welcome to PT. Naval Overseas

PT. Naval Overseas
is a well-known and reputated manufacturer, processor and exporter of Indonesian natural products such as oleo pine resin , gum rosin,  gum copal , gum damar, gum benjamin, damar batu, turpentine and spices such as cloves, pepper, Indonesian cinnamon (cassia vera).

The company was established in the year 2006 realizing the huge potential of natural products in Indonesia.The company now exports globally to countries like Abu Dhabi, China, Germany, Japan, Spain and the Indian Sub-Continent.

The Company Sources its raw material from all over Indonesia and has warehouses located in strategic locations where the cleaning, processing and quality control is done. It has offices in Jakarta and Delhi.

The Company main emphasis is on Quality, Timely delivery and Commitment. It understands its customers every need by providing products of premium quality at a reasonable prices and stands firmly behind each of its shipments.


Today we are one of the most trusted suppliers from Indonesia and we strive to provide our buyers with premium products at reasonable prices.




¤  Indonesia has seen its economy expand more than 5% for seven out of the last eight years. Unlike many of its neighbors in Asia, Indonesia isn't dependent on exports to the West, so it hasn't been as hard-hit by damped demand in Europe and the U.S.

¤   Its population of more than 240 million people is the fourth largest in the world after China, India and the U.S. As a growing number of its citizens enter the middle class, more than 60% of its economy is now based on domestic demand. Last year, its GDP expanded 6.5%, its fastest rate since the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s.

¤  This year, growth is expected to contract to a little above 6%, analysts say.


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